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Recognizing the audio, visual, and interactive role of a space early in the design process greatly enhances both the creative vision of the structure and the end-user experience. The accelerating convergence of architectural design and audiovisual technologies creates exciting opportunities for integrating form and function in innovative and revolutionary ways. From sophisticated presentation facilities and interactive exhibits to ambient lighting solutions and control system strategies, BNA knows how to listen to your needs and bring your vision to life by taking advantage of the possibilities audiovisual technology has to offer.

BNA Audiovisual Design Services
• Classroom / Conference Room Audiovisual Systems
• Board Room Audiovisual Systems
• Sound Masking Systems
• Sound System Design
• Intercom/Paging Systems
• Mass Notification Systems
• Cable TV (CATV) Distribution Systems
• Video System Design
• Digital Signage
• Video Conferencing
• Audio/Visual Technology Reports (Building Assessment)
• AV Integration for Secure Facilities (SCIF)
• Sound Mapping Acoustic Design utilizing EASE
• Intercom Systems
• Paging Systems
• Building Control Systems -BYOD

BNA Acoustical Design Services
• Room Acoustic Design & Analysis
• Finish Selection and Room Shaping
• 3D Acoustic Modeling
• Noise Measurement and Analysis
• Noise and Vibration Control
• Wall Assembly Development (STC)
• Floor/Ceiling Assembly Development (STC & IIC)
• Mechanical Noise Prediction & Measurement (NC)
• Industrial Noise Analysis
• Site Noise Measurement
• Site Studies for HUD Compliance

The BNA Team has successfully completed AV Design in Salt Lake City and St. George Utah for projects of all kinds including:
• Concert Halls
• Auditoriums
• Theatres
• Music Rooms
• Board Rooms
• Classrooms
• Worship Spaces
• Mixing and Recording Studios

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