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BNA Consulting’s Controls Integration team can help design and implement sophisticated control systems for your project, resulting in a user-friendly system for the end user. Proper installation of control systems requires intimate knowledge of each component and many installation contractors lack the familiarity of proprietary system components. BNA Consulting’s Control Integrations team provides specific information and installation documentation required for a proper installation. Our team develops the software to control the Building Automation System as well as the graphical interface to be used by the end user. We review mechanical design documentation including drawings, specifications and sequence of operations to develop a Building Automation Control System that will effectively meet requirements of job documentation. Offices for our controls integration team include Salt Lake City and St. George Utah.

BNA Controls Integration Services
• Application Engineering
• Estimating
• Product Submittals
• Submittal Drawings
• Control Component Ordering and Procurement
• Supervision and Assistance of Control System Installation
• Programming & Commissioning of Building Automated Control Systems
• Graphic Interface Development
• Training/Support for Engineering Staff of Control System
• Record Drawings
• Development of Operation and Maintenance Manuals
635 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801.532.2196