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This LEED Gold building is 10 stories tall and 410,000 square feet. It has 10 courtrooms, 14 judges’ chambers, and houses the U.S. Marshals Office, the U.S. Probation Office and a records library. It also has two underground parking levels. The new courthouse addresses a few concerns of the old building, including the need for space, technology and security. A major issue with the current federal courthouse is the difficulty of separating prisoners, the public and the judiciary and their travel paths. The new building also meets new perimeter security standards required in all new federal buildings.

To take advantage of ample day-lighting, all fixtures within 20 feet of windows are controlled by photo-cells and dimmable fluorescent fixtures. The photocells monitor how much light is provided by daylight and automatically dim fixtures to maintain the correct light level for the task, reducing power consumption during daylight hours. Software monitors the system and can tell when a specific lamp or ballast needs to be replaced providing optimum lighting levels and energy savings. BNA's design is 32% better than code for the interior and 66% for exterior lighting. This combined with the lighting controls provides a very efficient and easily maintained facility.
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