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The San Salvador Temple is the first temple to be built in El Salvador.

Temple square footage is 27,986 and adjacent to the temple is a meetinghouse and a patron housing facility with a residence for the temple president, a cafeteria, and Distribution Services.

The lighting design enhances Architectural Spanish colonial features inspired by the region. The exterior lighting gradually washes the building with 3200 degree metal halide light fixtures from the ground to Angel Moroni receiving the highest footcandles. Placement of exterior light fixtures provide shadow and depth enhancing the Architectural features. Light post and bollards provide a low level of illumination for safety and illuminates the beautifully landscaped site.

Energy efficient fluorescent and metal halide lamps are utilized in most spaces in the Temple. The incandescent lighting is on preset dimming control to enhance lamp life. Lighting relays are controlled by the Building Management System for time of day use and provides automatic off as required by Ashrae 90.1.

The results provide a well maintained and beautiful site with the Temple illuminated as the main feature. This is a welcomed addition to the area by the community.
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