Hale Centre Theatre

The biggest coordination effort was the Tait Stage. One of the most intricate stages in North America with 47 moving parts using more than 120 motors. Our challenge was coordinating with the Tait Stage Technology Team and provide all the power requirements needed in the right place. Tait has provided stages for top performers and theatres around the world.

The stage has 8 Vomitory Lifts, 1 front and 1 back lift per quadrant – each independently controlled, 1 ft per second speed. Raises above and drops below the stage level with a total of 20 feet of movement.


Services Rendered

Acoustical Design

Architectural Lighting

Audiovisual Design

Electrical Engineering

ICT Engineering

Safety and Security Design and Training

Project Specifications


BWA | Beecher Walker Architects


Intermountain Electrical Industry Awards

Project of the Year – 2017


Project Team

Carol Feldman, LC


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Rich Bradley

Vice President

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