Germicidal UV (GUV) Lighting

BNA Consulting is proud to lead in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and other health and safety risk mitigation. Many tools and advancements in technology have been introduced in an effort to combat the spread of infectious diseases. One of those tools is Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) lighting fixtures.

Our team is trained in this application of GUV lighting to create safe, clean environments in education, healthcare, office spaces and many other environments. GUV fixtures are proven to eradicate bacteria, mold, fungi and inactive viruses (including COVID-19). GUV is chemical-free and disinfects illuminated areas in minutes, saving hours of costly manual labor. These solutions have been available for over 35 years in the treatment of water, air and surfaces. BNA can provide fixture and control layouts with professional results.

What is GUV?

• GUV refers to short-wavelength ultraviolet energy that is proven to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses quickly. These short wavelengths in the photobiological UV spectral band known as “UV-C” are centered at 254nm which is optimal for eliminating pathogens.

• Germicidal effectiveness is referred to as a dose, which is the product of UV-C energy (how much) and time (how long).

• GUV is an excellent surface and air disinfectant due to its quick germicidal efficacy confirmed by decades of peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

• GUV can pose a safety and health hazard to the eyes and skin if improperly used or installed.

• BNA Consulting follows design guidelines to ensure that installation, operation, and maintenance are conducted with with a focus on safety and efficacy.

Planning GUV

• Every micro-organism is susceptible to UV-C and the dosing needed to eliminate these pathogens are known.

• The systems we design are powerful – eliminating 99.99% of pathogens. This is based upon scientifically proven dosing – the product of UV-C energy over a period of time. Typically, the room surfaces are disinfected in less than 20 minutes.

• We utilize optical tools to effectively determine proper fixture type and placement to maximize the disinfection.

• Using these outputs, we can effectively determine the time needed to operate the GUV system to eliminate the pathogens.