Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is an effective way to manage electrical and data distribution to a variety of devices and peripherals. Ethernet cable is capable of carrying both electrical power and network data to connected devices, but has primarily been used for data transmission in the past because the power demands of many components exceeded the cable’s capacity to carry enough power to it. With advancements in technology, many of these components are now able to be powered by ethernet cable. These devices include security cameras, door locks, digital displays, phones, occupancy sensors and lighting. Standard PoE systems utilize intelligent PoE hubs that manage the data and power streams to and from multiple devices. As devices are added to or taken off of the network, the hub manages the assignment of IP addresses and other configuration settings.

There are many advantages of PoE technology. Many of our clients explore PoE options because they are looking for smarter buildings and comprehensive controls of the connected components. Artificial Intelligence cloud-based analytics platforms allow the creation of customized dashboards that display occupancy data, energy usage and information from other connected sensors. This information also facilitates optimization of schedules, routines and automated processes. In many cases, device issues can be identified and corrected quickly and inefficiencies can be discovered far more quickly than is possible with analog devices and users can be alerted to potential risks, such as power outages, over-heating, equipment malfunctions or security violations. Notifications and data can be shared with 3rd parties for maintenance or repairs. Cost savings is one of the strongest arguments for PoE. Installation costs are lower because PoE is a low-voltage power option (usually less than 60v), so installation times are faster, less hazardous and do not require the same conduit or cladding as higher voltage installations. Although the initial cost of some devices is higher than their standard counterparts, PoE operating costs are lower over the course of their lifetime and allow for optimization that standard components are not capable of. Devices can be moved to other locations on the network with minimum downtime and disruption. PoE lighting offers users the ability to tune the balance of the light emitted from cool to neutral to warm. White-tunable lighting enables enhanced control of customizable environments. A mix of warm and cool lighting can help to increase productivity in business environments or improve patient outcomes in healthcare. Security is another benefit of PoE that is appealing to our clients. Not only are more components wired to the network- reducing the vulnerabilities that wireless components are susceptible to, but the connected devices can be used to keep employees and customers safe. Colored lights, door locks, audio alerts and displays can be utilized in emergency scenarios for evacuation or to give instructions. Security cameras can also be connected to a PoE network.

BNA Consulting’s team of experts is very familiar with PoE capabilities and best-in-class design standards. Our team has designed hundreds of innovative combinations of PoE solutions for our clients in government, healthcare, hospitality, education, multi-family, commercial, business and industrial applications. We are uniquely equipped with a team of multi-disciplined and integrated professionals who work together to offer solutions to even the most difficult challenges. Please contact our team to find out how we can best meet your needs.

BNA Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Services

Smarter, AI-driven optimization

Lower installation and operating costs

Minimum downtime and maximum flexibility

Customizable environmental controls

Increased security capabilities and notifications